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STA assists in identifying and minimizing your export risks and streamlining your internal compliance program. Our goal is to make your organization self-sufficient in international trade compliance.

World-Leading Experts in International Trade Compliance

We are an international trade compliance service center with over 30 years of experience working with industry and government agencies. We are experts in U.S. and European trade laws and regulations, including military and dual-use export controls, sanctions and embargoes, customs, anti-corruption, and anti-bribery.
We have developed an Internal Compliance Program (ICP) framework that helps you audit, benchmark, and mitigate risks related to your business operations. We can transform trade compliance issues into a distinct commercial advantage over your competitors. We train, educate, and support all professionals involved, and help them utilize compliance as a business enabler, while minimizing the risk of non-compliance situations that could disrupt business operations and limit their access to important technologies and export markets.

Our Services


STA assists you in identifying and mitigating compliance risks, enhancing your compliance efforts, and translating regulatory requirements into robust and effective internal control mechanisms, thereby embedding compliance into your organization and creating a competitive edge in the market. 

Risk Assessment

STA developed the Risk Assessment Tool© (“RAT©”). The RAT© is an online tool for measuring your company’s performance on Export Controls. 

This service is offered as a cost-efficient and standardized solution to your export control compliance needs.


Our ‘Trade Compliance Academy’ offers a wide variety of high-impact, multi-level training programs to keep you up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements and industry’s best practices. 

Practical education on all aspects of international trade, architecture, compliance, and development - taught by world-class experts.

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Why Trade Compliance is important?

Most companies are not aware of sanctions & export control regulations.

Trade Compliance protects National Security.

It applies to information technology as well as software and services.

Violating export control regulations can be a criminal offense.

Trade Compliance protects your business from costly violations.

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