The Strategic Trade Alliance (STA) is the working platform of Discreet Commerce International (DCI), whose client products and services are aligned with our company goals- to provide products and services that benefit and enrich humanity. As the workhorse of our parent company, STA offers our associates a powerful and efficient platform to communicate with us, note our current services and identify products and services other members of our group may have or need. Our experience has proven that paying careful attention to positioning for products and services, scrupulousness in distribution, when relevant- and critical financial elements for funding and investments can produce a high level of customer satisfaction which should be evident at every point in a business relationship.


As security is needed throughout all phases of international trade, including sometimes stringent confidentiality and privacy, we will, in this light, thoroughly protect all intellectual property, physical assets and persons involved in the negotiation, execution of an agreement and delivery of specific products and services. Our slogan for the STA, “Trade with Vision,” designates our mission to provide a comprehensive service to our clients- one that marks us a company that values its contribution to the global environment as a physical, ethical and spiritual matrix deserving our protection and concern in all phases of commercial interaction.